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Blanca Esquivel Principal

Blanca Esquivel Principal

A Message From Your Principal

My name is Blanca Esquivel and I am pleased to announce that I am the proud Principal at Samuel Gompers Middle School.  I believe it takes three essential elements to fully educate a child-the school fulfilling its obligations, the the family fulfilling their obligations, and the students doing his/her part.

I am committed to ensuring that the school fulfills it obligation. Additionally, I need the family and child to fulfill their obligations as well.  I am asking for your cooperation and support in the major areas listed below so that we may provide your child with a rewarding and enriching educational experience.


          1. Please ensure that your child arrives  at school on time
          2. Your child must attend school daily.  Consistent daily

              attendance is vital for the educational growth

              of your child.
          3. While at school, your child must attend all classes.
          4. Encourage your child to adhere to the school dress code

              policy. The dress code can be a positive contributing

              factor to discipline and safety.
          5. Encourage your child to be courteous, polite, and respectful

              to all.


Please feel free to visit the school and meet me personally to discuss my vision, core beliefs, and expectations.  On behalf of the staff at Samuel Gompers Middle School, thank you in advance for your support.  



Blanca Esquivel
Samuel Gompers Middle School
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